OMG Riot just remove this fuck*** champ from this game. The only thing players get from him is cancer. I know that its easy to shut him down when playing as a team but such things as teamplay doesnt exist in lower tiers like silver. He fulfills no role in any teamcomp and you cant beat him in lane. Without any help from the team u will always lose. Also there really isnt all that much skill involved when u just do rightclick q w and keep on fapping afterwards. He just got such an unhealty design that is unpossible to bring to a stage where he wouldnt piss off anyone who has to play against him. Im sorry if there are any grammatical mistakes but i broke something after playing against him. I know that you will never remove a "noob friendly" champ from the game, but hey, at least i tried. Yours sincerly TomsCousin2
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