What if.... Kirby were a LoL Champion?

Hi everybody, I was bored, so I made up some random stuff about Kirby being a LoL champion. Enjoy the read if you feel like it. P - Float After not taking damage for a short period, Kirby will start floating, gaining movement speed. From level 6, Kirby can float over terrain. When Kirby casts a spell whilst afloat, it will have bonus effects. Q - Starspitter Kirby spits out a smalls barage of stars in a line in front of him, all stopping on the first enemy hit, dealing damage and slowing them. All stars beyond the first deal reduced damage. FLOAT Bonus: The first star from Starspitter deals triple damage and passes though enemies. Kirby is forced to land immediately when using Starspitter while afloat. W - Hammer Swing Kirby dashes in target direction, swinging his hammer around, damaging and knocking enemies to the side, slowing them briefly after the knockback. FLOAT Bonus: Kirby moves much more quickly during Hammer Swing's dash and deals missing health damage. If Kirby is not hit by crowd control during Hammer Swing's dash, he immediately may float up again. Taking damage during the dash does not cancel the renewed activation of Float, only crowd control does. E - Stone Kirby turns himself into a stone, gaining massive damage reduction, a short-lived shield and complete crowd control immunity. Kirby is unable to perform any action whatsoever when he is a stone. Kirby may reactivate Stone to turn back into his original form. FLOAT Bonus: Kirby crashes down, damaging and stunning enemies directly hit by the impact and slowing enemies that stand further away. R - Absorb Kirby sucks up a target enemy champion, that has fallen beneath 60% HP and spits them out in a target direction. Kirby gains the absorbed champion's ultimate ability on a 10/7.5/5 second cooldown to be used once, temporarily replacing Absorb. Kirby may also cast Absorb on any non-epic jungle monster to instantly execute it. FLOAT Bonus: the range at which you can cast Absorb is increased.
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