I am legit cursed

I do not know what to do. I have lost 4 promo series in a row to Diamond... Last game my team had a 3000 gold lead after 5 MINUTES, and yet still they manage to tilt over something and start flaming each other. It is uncanny how many games in my promos i get teammates who for some reason tilt, flame and as a product of that do poorly. Often my games outside of promos are easy and teammates are nice and never flame. My match history. Almost every loss streak is in promos. https://gyazo.com/da4c33c1f30780e0c86a9abd03baf74b https://gyazo.com/f8d19f5d7405f2aebffbff9a0fcdd26a https://gyazo.com/7a24a4bbc2bd518f86d02fd472594a3f https://gyazo.com/6a2157346bc51e784c338a0b63b6c56c

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