Fellow RIOTERS, Since u say "We are looking forward to make changes to TFT looking at ur feedback" here's mine after this weeks games. Instead of making new changes, new additions to the game mode how about take a look @ the existing feature/champs/items etc and fixing those errors first. I mean u literally shipps already fixed bugs back on to the live as we speak. (Multiple Champ afk bug, champs ulting no one etc for those who curious) IDK this is EU WEST server exclusive issue considering the shenanigans u did with EUW server during the past few weeks. So how about that? If u cannot achieve that how about adding the description of bugs that u are shipping with the patch onto the patch notes? So that we can decide if we are gonna play TFT for the next week or not. I'd deeply appreciate that. coz i know for a fact that u wont give any kind of LP refund/ compensation for all the games lose/ all the LP lost entirely due to these bugs u know. So,,, i hope ur TFT Dev team is able to achieve that goal right? Thank you. Have a nice day and be careful with shipping more bugs with new updates.
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