what is yasuo and teemo's weakness?? and should they get nerfed?

what is yasuo's weakness?? and teemo's weakness?? i am so sick of dealing with yasuo top 70% of the time i choose to go top, every few seconds a hurricane gets spammed, he glides through minions, spins around, and has another hurricane tornado thing ready again. i just want to farm peacefully. i do not want to play a game of "dance dance revolution" dodging his tornados each time, he can attack and he can farm at the same time, its insane. and then there's his mircle ulti where you can have him already on 200 hp or less and ignite him while u are on full hp, then all of a sudden you die due to his ulti and he gains back hp and runs off.. SOOOOOO UNFAIR!!! BS. dont even get me started about the wind wall. WHAT IS YASUO'S WEAKNESS?? and how are top lane meelee's supposed to deal with him? he wont let me farm, he even kills me under turrent and runs off., anyone tries to gank him and he kills them too most of the time. and then there's teemo, how are melee champs in top lane supposed to deal with him? what is HIS weakness?? i cant farm because i am being constantly blinded by Q and also because teemo is ranged. some times i cant even 1v1 or land an auto attack on him, its insane. q auto attack q mushroom = dead all the time within a matter of a few seconds, i'd be lucky to land even 1 auto attack on him during this duration. and its not that, he's not even annoying he is normally easy to deal with, but with using melee's against him i seem to stand no chance unless its something like master yi. i can easily kill these 2 champs no problem with singed i always pwn them with singed, but i dont wanna play as singed for the rest of my life just because of these 2 top lane trolls. _________________________ ##UPDATE## STOP telling me to pick x champion as an answer, to clear things up i am asking the same above questions but WITHOUT being able to see who my opponent picks until AFTER the game loads up (unranked normal) or AFTER i have already locked in at the champ select screen, meaning i do not see who my opponents top laner is until AFTER i have picked. Choose X champion is useless advice in regards to what i seek. i am not going to main X champion just out of fear of the possibility of enemy playing either teemo or yasuo in top, i am asking for their weakness and how to counter them AFTER i have already chosen a champion. i do not see who they are until AFTER i choose!!! and no "if you cant deal with these champions then simply ban them" as a solution comments, unranked normals dont ban anyone, and even in draft i don always have a choice who to ban. infact dc abotu banning at all, my question seeking help dealing with the 2 champs as named above is asking for IN-GAME ADVICE!! AFTER THE GAME LOADS UP!! advice IN-GAME!!

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