Gnar? Nada? Op?

I like playing gnar and other champs that not many ppl like, like rengar, yasuo :D And once while playing gnar I got ganked, so I paniced like all men do and accidentally threw my boomerang (Q) where I was going, there were friendly minions, so as I jumped and it looked like I jumped on my boomerang (Q) while it was coming back and I bounced , but it was from minon. So I went to custom game and tested it out. Sadly it didn't work. So I was wondering, would it be OP if gnar could bounce off his Q? Enemyes would have time to react since youre not throwing Q at them, but in the way that youre going. Only thing you have to do is choose, either you want to bounce twice or slow the enemy, it depends on where you are and what you choose. Btw are tribunals working? Bcause it seems like ppl get reported but nothing happens.{{champion:150}}
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