What champion to master?

Throughout my time of playing LoL, i find myself extremely indecisive when it comes to picking a role or champion to main, all of my friends have found their desired champions and roles, yet I can't find crap :( Im coming up to a point were i will be able to play league ALOT so I was wondering which champion you believe is best when mastered (this can also be interpreted as which champion is hard to play but extremely rewarding when mastered). The thing is i play a lot with my friends so i dont want to master any of their champions, here are a list of the champions My friends play so i cant master: {{champion:157}} Yasuo {{champion:238}} Zed {{champion:268}} Azir {{champion:105}} Fizz {{champion:236}} Lucian Not including these champs do you have any suggestions in rewarding champions to master for me? (Even if they are supports e.g. {{champion:412}} ) Thanks ^_^
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