So, as the preseason patch is with us for some time, few observation from the top laner in trash silver elo. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} 1) The bot lane is even more important. With the changes made to the rift and new drake system, the importance of the bot lane is even higher than ever before. The team whose bot is losing, will in most cases lost the game, as there is no chances for jungler to secure objectives. 2) The jungler role got more important than before but their level slower than earlier. In the past seasons, if you had a weak jungler, but a good team with a proper team fight composition, you could win every match as long as you will survive till late game. Right now, if enemy jungler secure drakes early, there will be no late game. Therefore, all the jungle mains that loved hunting kills and didn't care about other objectives than baron, are now certainly losing the games for the rest of the team. Another change that I have noticed is that junglers are more prone to show in your lane only to tax on minions without even faking a gank. Not sure if it is because of jungle camps nerf or other change. 3) Teleport or die. More in point 4. 4) Staying at the top is mistake. Changes to drakes, pace of the game and macro game forces top laners to constantly roam. You can harass your enemy, get perfect cs score, but if enemy will teleport and help secure the drake, all of your advantages means nothing. In this case, good cs is less important than roaming potential (it doesn't count on split pushers like Tryndamere I guess). If you use a teleport to get fast to lane and not to go bot, you are wasting it. 5) Drakes are overpowered. All of those changes have one common reason: drakes. They are way overpowered right now. The team that gets 4 drakes will have a really hard time to lose. Obviously, great throws do happen (it is silver after all), but games are getting shorter and shorter even for a silver elo. Concluding, the preseason changes weren't bad. They force more macro thinking and considering the map benefits over your own personal score. Thanks to them I stopped using my teleport to only go back to my lane, but constantly try to teleport bot and roam mid if there is possibility. The thing that should be changed a little are drakes. They have become way too important, making other objectives secondary and putting a bot lane in the hard position. Maybe give the dragon soul after 5 or 6 drakes and not 4? First 5 drakes would be random and the 6th would be the same element as 5th.

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