Why is league such a trash game currently

Hello everyone for the one who does not know me I'm the huge hatter of Ghostcrawler. His personal anti-fan sort to speak. How is that related to the state of the game? Well if you anyone who paid any attention to his background here is a quick link [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greg_Street]. He was fired (my opinion) when the so-called best expansion Warlords of Draenor for the small game we loved to play World of Warcraft, the expansion, it was not finished there were a lot of problems with it. As he states about his past work he was in charge of everything that was not the story, dungeons, raids, but the world and the class balance. Why that's mater? Because when you talk about class balance they(his team) will normally make hotfixes mid-raiding tier. What am I saying is you had a PTR(PBE) that test the new team part raid and all the testing is done by the players using the changes that are implemented for that PVE experience ofc, the Devs would listen to what we had to say about the PVP as well. The problem was after that is finished you make all your preparation all of your Raiders( people you do the PVE content with ) start orienting for what is really good so they can get the best class for the best role relearning new mechanics and whatnot. Sure everything goes according to plan and someone from the class balance team decide to %%%% up everything by making small hotfixes because some classes do not feel okay for him. literally, 3-5 weeks in the raiding the new raid your class get rekt minus 10-27% dmg, 30% healing, higher CDs, a freaking shit storm. Trust me the logistic of coordination it was harder than anything I had faced before. Sorry I went on a bit of a rant of how shit of developer Ghostcrawler is. True fact if he quits I will consider that the 2nd best day for the game. So what I try to say is for the 6 years he worked for Blizzard Entertainment he and fellow Devs made the people who loved and enjoyed a game who starts big and has grown to 13 million was reduced to rubles tnx to expansions he was part of. Cataclysm, Mist of Pandaria and partially for Warlords of Draenor. Overal Rating 1/10 Collectively for WoW Devs. For him personally, I will go on a jump and say probably 3/10. Some things they did ( the team he was responsible for was okay), full of bugs but okay. Like that spot, you can drop to the next floor. Well, it was a feature if you ask me no one want to clear trash for 20 more min. How all of the above effect league you will ask me. You are probably already downvoting this post, but if you had stayed for me for so long, good the fun is just about to start. SO he is lead Dev right. That means he is in charge of some sections of our game. What that means for us. Well, he is bad okay. but he is one right? And you are now starting to see the picture. Where there is one bad apple there is a higher probability there will be more. If you are able to take a person like him and give him Lead role instantly. Then oh boy, how do you sleep at night? You see the problem is if one person starts making bad decisions about key roles in his company then, of course, he will end up in a state that everything is weird as ... Okay, you wanted to make every champion viable in more than one or two roles. Sure do that, but can you do that after you make runes that are okay for every champion and every position he can currently get, and against any matchup. Before we had the old runes bad good we used that to give ourselves the start we wanted now we can't. Masteries was just a complementary to our playstyle. Yes, the new runes are good, they do the same, kind of. They are not the same. The big problem I see is you constantly trying to buff or balance champions based on there popularity, but why is that a factor? Like when did how many people play a champion become a factor for nurfing and buffing him. Of course, if you make a champion that is busted he will become popular that does not mean you are good at game design or champion design it just means people will want to go for what is fast and easy. Like why would I go into the hustle to learn high skill champ when the pay off is the same as what is currently busted. Honestly, what is the thinking process here? If there is any? Honestly, I do not know why he still use a shit system as ELO, when elo was developed for one on one. Not for a team based game. Sure make it into an elo system if it is 5vs5, or disable solo queue. Honestly, I hope someday if it is possible to bo soon, to wake up and realise what the hell have you done to your game? P.S.: you did make one big poopoo...
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