Supporting is more than just sitting in a bush

_"Support just sits in a bush and does nothing"_ I've seen this said multiple times and, being the support main that I am, it confused me that someone would think that. I don't know if this idea is caused by lastpicks being forced into playing support and not really doing anything but **it couldn't be more wrong! ** I'm not going to say it's the hardest role in the game, I believe _all roles are equally difficult and all deserve some recognition_. But a good support is usually pretty busy in lane. Let's look at what a support does: * ** Babysits the carry**. - Healing, shielding, taking shots for them (think Cait ult), peeling and in general doing everything in our power to keep the carry alive. Sometimes this includes help with farming minions as well but some people don't like the support as much as touching their farm so it's mandatory to ask first. * ** Provides vision**. - Warding. Something people just don't do for some reason, many times leaving the support to be the only one trying to get some vision so ganks can be prevented. * ** Sets up kills**. - That's right, supports are very often the ones to engage and pick a fight. * **Makes the enemy's life miserable in general**. - Poking, poking, and more poking. Also trying to keep them from farming up. * ** Helps the team**. - Soraka for example watches the life of all teammembers because an ult at the right time can save lives. Supports also roam to help other lanes if possible. * **Helps the jungler**. - Leash at the start, warding important buffs. I myself like to keep an eye on the timers as well because hitting Tab once in a while doesn't hurt anybody and the jungler is usually busy enough and sometimes just won't notice. When the lane is going well and I see the jungler nearby, I might as well tell him to swing by for a heal when he's low. Supports are junglers' best friends, really. * **Controls teamfights**. - Nami doesn't say "I decide what the tide will bring" for no reason. Supports can influence the outcome of a teamfight by a great deal with a well landed CC/shield/heal. * Sometimes the support has to keep the morale of the team when it isn't going so well. I've had to calm/encourage my teammates quite a few times. Please, if you are one of those people who claim supports are useless, reconsider. We aren't just last picks who got unlucky either. There are people, such as myself, who actually enjoy supporting and main the role. And you, my fellow supports, know that you are awesome and very important, even though you aren't given enough credit :) {{summoner:30}}
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