I just wanna give a HUGE thank you to Riot Games for making such an excellent matchmaking system.

Just as the title says, I wanna say thank you to Riot for making an impossibly perfect matchmaking system where everything is perfect that it's impossible to win games not matter how well you play. Sarcasm aside. Riot, please, please, please, fix your matchmaking, somehow, I don't know. It's just kinda sad seeing. "Sorry for the bad team" From the enemy every single game. For the past 20 games i have had 2-3 people have over 10 deaths. While i'm always sitting there with 3-6. I mean. What am I supposed to do to win? This is Diamond I'm talking about. Every game I try my %%%%ing hardest to win the game rotate, help those who are behind, I even give up CS for those who are lacking in CS. I stopped flaming, i'm always positive. I try my goddamn hardest to see that my team are absolute %%%%ing braindead idiots. The current system and how much it punishes you is absolute nonsense. 20 games in a row where the enemy team feels sorry for you has to say something. I know people are gonna say. "You should learn to carry" or "It's not your teams fault that you can't win games" or any of that bullshit. I know what I experience more than anyone else. And constantly losing games because my team decides to tilt after 1 death, or starts to troll because mid lane didn't react fast enough is frustrating as hell. I grinded my way into Diamond thinking that maybe it will become easier to climb higher because maybe Diamond players have more knowledge of the game, and OOOOOH was I absolutely goddamn wrong. If anyone is complaining about their current division wait until you get to Diamond. Then you will realise how %%%%%%ed people can be. So Riot, once again, I beg of you. Reconsider the current matchmaking system and make some changes that don't punish those who don't deserve to be punished.
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