Kai’sa thoughts

She just has every niche all adc’s have combined into one kit. Her kit is just WAYYY to compact and STRONG. She is not weak at any stage of the game, quite the contrary as she can one shot any support or adc that has below 300 hp with little to no skill at all while having a bad to decent support. She is picked or banned every game for a reason don’t you think? It’s time for some nerfs and changes imo. I would like her q to be a skill shot of some kind and to have a cast time that makes it impossible for her to keep on auto attacking while using q. Her passive dmg also needs nerfs and needs to do physical dmg because magic resist items are way to inefficient and expensive to withstand her dmg. At the same time would I like magic resist items to have better stats (magic resist wise). Her shield, oh my god. It is like 3 Janna shields at max rank that she receives by dashing at lightning speed for a ridiculous range. I know that she is meant to be a adc assassin, but it seems like nothing can hold her back when she has mixed dmg, becomes tanky af with her ult, and becomes invisible more often than Vayne while doing max hp dmg in ap that is just way to strong atm. Edit: I mean that Kai’sa can one shot pre 6 if anybody is under 300 hp. Also who is the Kai’sa weeb otp who wants Kai’sa buffed lol.
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