AP item suggestion for high armored teams

So, i saw so much itemization for ad bruisers focused on armor, hp, damage, ad carries and assassins getting s6 nice itemization with 2 options for armor pen and a cheap 30% armor pen, assasssins can reuse ad carry/bruiser itemization and now they can all be a zed buying just one item and ap carries/bruisers just stick with old items, getting a luden's echo to compensate the removal of Deathfire Grasp, a new jungle item IF you go jungle which has luden's echo passive, expensive % magic pen with any extra passive and no AP carry/bruiser's items on s6 AND the new stupid meta of full ad teams that sometimes you have to balance the team picking an AP champ.... And for that situations the enemy team will stack armor and here's my item suggestion, for a logic point of view, armor is made of metal, and metal melts exposed at high temperatures, so why not give AP carries a new item that deals extra damage per % of armor stacked? How about a relic? a shining one? a shining relic that makes armor melt and damage the foe for the heat? how about 10% total armor flat damage and other 10% DOT for 2 seconds? This item could reduce armor even if it's an AP item but i don't know at which point this item would be extremely OP. I mean this cause when i'm an APC or AP bruiser i have trouble dealing damage, sometimes enemy just by stacking hp is enough to sustain my damage even if they don't have any MR, i know there's liandry's to deal max hp damage but come on.... not even a deadly DOT who deals current HP as damage instead of max HP... Here's my suggestion: Shining Relic 2500G: Blasting Wand: 850G Chalice of Harmony: 1000G Cloth armor: 300G Recipe: 350G +25 armor +25 magic resist +10% cooldown reduction +70 ability power Passive - Armor Melting: dealing ability damage to an enemy champion deals 10% of his total armor as magic damage plus 10% DOT for 2 seconds (half damage to AOE and DOT spells) Optional(if rito wants to make an op item): while the DOT is beign applied, the target have 10% reduced armor. With the optional this item can also be a support item Props, peace!
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