differences per elo are STAGGERING!

So I just played a game with my silver buddies. A normal game. I played Vi, a disgustingly easy to play champion that is for some reason underplayed and when people play her in my games they suck ass with her for some reason. Really questionable. The outcome of that silver elo normal game was this: https://vgy.me/XFVmKx.png I know, I know. It looks like I'm boasting. And there is no way around it I don't mind showing off big scores but that's not really the point I'll get to it in a second. Now, here are my Vi stats from my bronze to gold account called Pelleslier: https://vgy.me/57XDlt.png The point of me showing all this? Well, I find it interesting how immensely big (for me) the jump from gold to platinum is. I can perform like this from bronze 5 to gold 3 roughly. Most of the time. I always have a few bad games ofcourse I'm not pro. But as you can see the averages are pretty good. What I remember from season 7, when I tryharded to get diamond, is that above gold 3 it becomes harder to perform like this VERY fast. I win the majority of games but I also tend to just go 0/8 some games as well where I just get obliterated. I am too dumb to actually understand why though. Are people in platinum better in game knowledge? or is it mechanics? or is it just a little bit of both? Or, could my whole playstyle resolve about punishing certain mistakes that higher elo players just don't make and thus I tend to fail?
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