Autofill feature needs to go!!

Auto fill has ruined so many games for so many people. Riot released the auto fill feature so that queue times would be much faster, however, what riot didn't put into consideration was the enjoyment of the game when someone does get auto filled (support for example). Players who play the game a lot will know that when they are in the queue, they want to play a specific role (top or jungle etc), they also have a specific champion that they wish to play, but suddenly, they can't play that champ as they have been auto filled. This makes the game a lot less enjoyable in my opinion, and i'm sure there tons of other players that feel the same way. I would much rather wait 15 minutes in a queue to play the role I want to play, than wait 45 seconds and get a role that i simply do not enjoy. Fix it please riot... - Mr Gooders
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