I'd just like to make a proposition. As a player that adores league of legends but can't play too freely and is usually on a time limit thanks to work. The biggest thing that impedes my fun on league of legends, really, is remakes. If I only have time to play one game but the game is remade then I have wasted 15 minutes of my time, sometimes 20, and sometimes left not having time to play a game after. I think that when games are remade all players in the game, not premade with the leaver, should gain 2-5 lp depending on mmr (just like the negative of dc'ing from champ select) up to 99lp (so can't go into promos of remake + up to master as there is no promos to stop lp gain and this would be unfair on other top tier players if given free lp). This would stop remaking feel like a colossal waste of time and almost rewards players for not dc'ing from champ select in the chance of gaining a small amount of lp if there is a remake and they could end up on 99lp. Furthermore, abusing this would be almost useless because of the banning system already in place and the dc'ed player loosing the full amount of loosing a game. Please consider my idea as I think it will make a huge difference to players on time scales and lower elo where there are remakes 1 in 5 games. Many thanks, Austin123hdpro

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