rip ranked,i guess following the needs of the few and not the needs of many is riots new way of dealing with things. 1.Off the game played this month 60% of the players in those game were solo players,thats a fact. 2.League was a team oriented and objective oriented game before dynamic queue,thats a fact. 3.saying dyanmic queue makes the game more team and objective oriented is like saying all 60% of the community refuse to communicate and cooperate with their team in ranked. 4,without a solo queue or a solo ladder the rank everyone has is biased. 5.the badges,LMAO im not gonna critisize this i leave it to you. 6.the new champion select no longer promotes getting to know the game but spamming 1/2 roles with 1/2 champions a phenomenon already existing before DQ but now its on another level. Season 6 should be retitled to:the season of premades.get a premade or play another game.
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