The current state of League

To me league seems to be having a difficult year, on the player side and at riots end. We have complaints about the current meta at all ends of the spectrum for pro to casual play and a decline in viewership of League. The way things look to me is that a new game has knocked league off the top spot and everyone has gone into panic mode! Riot have looked at this game and said "what have they got that we don't?" and landed on the conclusion thats its fast paced games and little down time, something that league is not known for. They have then gone and tried to implement this into league, started a huge ad campaign and revamped the new player experience to try and bolster the player base. I personally think this is the wrong approach, I don't think it is just the pace of other games that is drawing players away from League. There has always been fast paced games in the first person genre, I personally was originally drawn to league by its 40 minuet plus games and a slower more methodical build to the conclusion of the match. I think the main attraction of other titles is that its something new and exciting, something that I think is getting lost in League. Playing the same map over and over, completing the same quests again and again. Other game modes like aram or urf introduce a faster pace more casual experience, without impacting the core game of league. I do love some of the recent updates and changes we have had, such as the leveling system and updates to aram but I think the focus needs to be on new content not just altering existing summoners rift games. I think riot should turn their focus to new game modes and maps. I personally really like twisted treeline but it is in desperate need of an update and that means if I want to play something competitively its back to the current summoners rift fiesta. Having even 2v2, 1v1 or even a free for all style game mode would really add more depth to Leagues gameplay. I am going to keep playing League regardless as I do still enjoy the game, I just wanted to voice my opinions of the current state of the game and see what other people's thoughts are regarding the game currently. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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