really sad about the horrible state of the game currently ! (bugs,errors,servers)

hi, so currently i am really frustrated with the state of the game currently for the last 2 months roughly. i play on a daily basis and a lot daily, and i noticed alot of redcircled exclamation marks, 1) often disabling ranked for some issues (luckily i dont play ranked a lot currently) 2) partying issues 3) login issues 4) champselect issues asynchronous timers for loadout 5) champselect lobby not starting the match, kicking everyone at 0, no penalty tho, basically not starting the match. 6) weird issues , long loading times when trying to access shop or my own collection stash. inb4 someone says its my pc or internet, no. 2 people are affected, not the provider, different providers, not DAU (dumbest assumable user). only happens in league. clearly their servers have issues. but that's not the only thing. what annoys me the most is, when my aram starts and i have this weird HP BAR BUG and SCOREBOARD BUG. and i got lucky in the screenshot one, only the scoreboard was bugged, but there was also some weird part of a kill stuck in my screen. but most of the time like at least 2-4 times daily (depends how unlucky i am and how much i ALT+TAB i guess) the hp bars are nowhere of anyone and the same issues with the scoreboard etc. my friend has this bug also sometimes.
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