Adc's and the oppressive power of some new runes ...

Hi, Yes i know people will shoot me for what i'm about to say but i don'rt really care. And I also know it's still preseason and everything will (hopefully) go through some big changes. That being said, The ridiculous amounts of power that adc's get from the new runes is quite alarming. Vaynes two shotting tanks, ezreals abusing their Q and chunking everyone like there's no tomorrow, ... Something needs to be done fast because right now (at least for me) It's killing the game. Why even bother building tanky, 0 armor or 300 they kill you just as fast. I know that balancing this will take some time, and that balancing the runes themselves will lead to other champions being under powered or lackluster, so I hope the balance team does their absolute best (preferably within a time frame of less than a month) to make this a game that's fun to play again instead of picking broken runes and champions to steam roll the enemy team.
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