Criticism for the ranking system...

Okay, I am going to be that guy. I am deeply disappointed about my placement, as I was placed in Bronze 5 (as you would imagine)... Before any of you start commenting on the MMR system and how it works; I know. I also know that the system takes into account the last seasons rank and lowers your MMR so you can try to grind back up again (I was Bronze 3 for those who were wondering). What really angers me is that I spent 2 weeks of slow grinding (playing only ONE game per day AT MOST). Playing my best and actually winning the games - 8W:2L. I tried my hardest in every aspect of the game and acted nice throughout the 10 placements. This is ridiculous I mean I won 80% of my games and I still got the lowest rank possible. It's like I wasted my 2 weeks of preparation and gameplay. I know it's just what I am placed into and most people around my elo experince the same fate. But here's the thing, what is the point of a going through 10 games of placement if you know that it doesn't matter in the end of the day. Because at the end of the day you will still be placed B5 and you can't do anything to prevent it.... If Riot automatically placed me B5 without the need of the 10 game placement system. Then I would have surely ranked up by 1-2 ranks by now (considering that I won those 8 games and 6 of them were a consecutive winning streak). What I am trying to say is that in my opinion I think that the ranking system isn't fair enough for those who wins more than 70% of their placements. I mean if they won 60% and lower then that's fine but when you reach the 70% mark, I think that it is utterly disheartening, knowing that you were placed into the same rank as people that has won, let's say, only 30% of their games. I know it's called "ELO HELL" but common Riot, at least reward the player for winning more than 70% of their placements. Even if it means being only placed in B3 or even B4... Not B5 please. Whew, since I got all that out of the way, I sure as hell will not give up. I'm going to grind my way out of B5 and grind my way out of bronze. If I keep calm and play for my teammates, then it will be a breeze :D. I won 8 games so far, so I WILL WIN MORE! xD BRONZE 5 TO SILVER 5 HERE I F***KING COME!
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