Only punish the one leaving the game

This doesn't just apply to League, but online team games with a ranked ladder. Why does everybody on the team gets punished for somebody else leaving/DC? I didn't choose to with somebody who's got faulty internet or is already tilted off the planet. Could somebody please explain why we don't just punish the leaver. Give the enemy a win, the leaver a loss and the rest of the team gets a tie or something (enemy gets LP, leaver loses LP, rest of team stays at whatever they had before the game). The only argument against this I can see is premades taking one for the team. But there is a simple solution for that. If somebody leaves, their premades loses LP as well. Not your fault your premade has bad internet? Maybe, but you did chose to play with him knowing that. So please, somebody explain why this isn't how leaving works? (The scenarios(s) assume that the team with a leaver either /ff or lost. If the team with leaver won, then gz)
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