So. Let's discuss Senna.

First of all, I really like her effects. I think, her beams are among the best visual effects in whole League. Secondly, I really like non-conventional mixes and this ADC/Support is kinda the first one of her kind (I mean, intentionally). Thirdly, I like how she's got free 2-item full Crit like Yasuo, but in a different, more healthy way. Ah! And I am so glad to get another champion themed with Shadow Isles! It was the best Runeterra update, ever. As for the rest, she feels very strong now, but IMO not too much OP. Her **E** is very strong *in potentia*, but requires too much cooperation from the team. Although it can save a teammate from something like Caitlyn's Ult even now. Her **Ulti** is a terrific tool for stealing kills! Lux R x10! And feels quite good for 'turnin the tide" in a teamfight: you just damage all enemies and shield all allies at any distance. Gangplank can eat his tricorne now. **Q** is a bit hard to use, since it displays the ray even if you point at a target that's too far away, I'd prefer different display. And **W** has a nice bonus in it: you can aim a lasthit minion and *immediately* root an ADC who stands behind. As for this "steal 20% movement speed", I wonder, isn't this a bit... *too much?* Imagine, I hit Talon or Hecarim! As for builds. ADC path recommends you {{item:3031}} . And {{item:3508}} . But it feels like you'd better stack first. And Reaver won't really help you restore mana (because of low attack speed and Senna being mana-hungry). So... you need something different. I tried {{item:3004}} and I think this is a good first item (maybe after you get {{item:1038}}). And CDR, of course! You need as much CDR as possible! Reaver gives you 20%. Where to get 20% more? {{item:3071}} maybe? Anyway, I am not sure how Senna's shot delay works with attack speed. Probably, you should not build attack speed at all. On the other hand, "Q+auto" and "W+auto" seems like a typical thing, so... I'd like to build something based off {{item:3057}} , but you need neither armor, nor attack speed, nor full AP. As for runes, first I thought of Hail of Blades (to shoot twice quickly and get a stack), but it seems not to work with Senna's shot delay. Fleet Footwork seems a good solid Keystone to me, now. And Support Way is obviously something like {{item:3504}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3158}}. Not sure about {{item:3107}} , but maybe some more AP and CDR? Ah! When I think of this Sheen idea, {{item:3100}} comes to my mind! ------------------------- All in all, I'd rather play Senna as ADC and heal my Leona, Malphite or Nautilus as one of them plunges into the middle of enemy team (damaging enemy at the same time). As a support Senna is too much dependent on her ADC's frontline positioning, so that you do not use minions to fire your cannon. And what do you think on the subject?
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