Summoner's Rift element design [NEW]

**This is a message to Riot Games.** My first experience with the new map and the elements is one of the worst experience I've ever had on league of legends so far. One of the reason I made this thread is to talk about some things I'm kind of done with. Just after a few games I came to the conclusion that the new effects and design is disturbing my gameplay. So if you have played the new rift you notice that there is 4 new elements that changes rift completely. Mountain, cloud, ocean and infernal. And to summs things up I have huge problems with how the map looks with: Ocean & Infernal. -------------------------------------- _**Here's what's negative and what makes the gameplay unbearable:**_ Infernal rift: * Too much contrast between red & green, the colors doesn't work well with my eyes. * Too much ashes flowing around in your screen, and too much dark clouds on the rift. * It's just too much color and effects overall that's disturbing gameplay. Ocean rift: * Too cold color correction and the contrast makes it kinda harsh on your eyes for a longer period. * The rain is too obnoxious and is disturbing your reaction to enemies skillshots etc. Cause it's making the map less clear. Mountain & cloud rift: * Same as all the other but not as bad. --------------------------------- **So my questions to you Riot Games:** Will you make it an option to disable all effects, colors and map animations? **(Rain, ashfall, smoke etc)** And will you make it and option to turn off all extra "eye candy" that is annoying? **(flowers etc)** ______ I hope Riot will answer me on these questions, since it is important for me. I feel like if it's not going to be an option to turn them off I will have to quit this game. Cause I can't handle a competetive game to have a lot of effects disturbing my gameplay. I want it clear and simple. / **Ripped EUW**
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