Ahri - What's Everyone's Opinion of her?

Just curious as to what people think of her at the moment? I noticed in the patch notes she wasnt on the list to have her base mana or mana regen increased due to the mana pots and clarity being taken out of the game. Personally, I feel that they aren't "nerfing" her, but it does feel as if she is being left out and falling behind. while other mid laners get buffs or nerfs, Ahri has been sat with nothing done to her, since her last nerf. Anytime I take her mid, I'm always faced with the same mid laners over and over again (Zed, Le Blanc, Yasuo, etc.) who I can never win against. It feels like Ahri isn't as strong as the rest of the mid laners. When I play as her, it now feels as if I have to play her similar to Le Blanc (make a combo, kill the enemy, get out, regen mana), but Le Blanc does it better. When I do the combo with Ahri, if I miss any skill shots she is so unforgiving, as I am left with no mana to do anything else, and I haven't killed anyone. To top it all off, if someone walks into your lane just as you've done the combo, they jump on you and you die. I feel like she requires a lot more effort than other champs in order to play well with her. This is just my opinion though. So what's yours? Is she OP? Strong? Weak for a mid laner? Completely fine? Anything you would change? Also, I am curious as to whether different ranks have different opinions of her?
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