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Guys ,i was thinking , you remember old days of playing counter strike 1.6 , you was writing a command and your score was whipped out , while playing on servers... , why don't we get such a command , so we can wipe out the fact we suck at this game ,or that we still not ready to play ranked ... , i am certainly sure i would enjoy this feature ,at least i am not anymore seeing 2 8 players in my team , i mean if nothing that bad happen , we can wipe score and pretend nothing happened ,and be much more happy . I know now some of you ,who tasted the joke get it ... ,who ever will feel insulted about this =)) , sorry i can't stop to laught , i mean serious ,does everyone who goes 2 8 push to win ??? , or want to win , or someone who push incredibly stupid plays , how does that make sense and how that does mean Riot that he tryes to win the game ,is a little bit over my hands to understand , how we can allow that to be the new normal inside ranked games and inside this game... . I think ,rather than keep players who no deserve in upper divisions , you better balance them in ranked manually , so you make them to belong where they deserve , i think ,everyone who outplay hard and feed like intentionally or grief should be droped some ranked divisions and be banned 14 days... , so we can get some fresh air... , i mean in time would clearly be more health for the game , since the chance for someone to troll/grief again after being banned 14 days ,are pretty small, but Riot should definetly consider to lower them ranked level ,since so they affect less players in higher tiers if they keep troll/grief pasive ,since is hard to find out if someone troll/grief , and you apply punishments mostly on manually reports issued . So i think we need a second system who takes cases of extremly low plays + troll/grief more in serious and which act as a defense mechanism who punish them stronger ranked ,so no one will afford to troll/grief ever again ... , if you raise like 1 tier drop ,so let's say you gold 1 and you decide that you are angry , you go troll/grief your team , if you get caught you get 14 days ban and get demoted into silver 1 , so you ain't anymore asume the risk of revenge or doing anything to your team mates ,this would definetly decrease hard the troll/grief amount. Another thingh i thinked about , let's say you got into gold + ,platinum , but you do mistakes of iron IV , make a new report category,called unbalanced player, allow players who are veterans ,with high number of games played to make notes and submit such reports , how do that new tier of report work... , if you feel like someone is definetly not worth the tier/division he plays in , and you can demonstrate that , then you just simple describe what you seen and a rioter would have to analys it , if there are actions necesary , then the account in case would have to play again the 10 provisional games... , so you decrease the boosted accounts issue ,and also adress to balance players where they belong if they clearly do something out of control. I really resume at the fact that a veteran can see more clearly what a guy have to do in his role , and how he should behave and play accordingly to them role, so if you detect a jungler in gold 1 , or platinum who does not focus over objectives , low ganking , you can take action and submit that , if he is autofill his luck ,as a rioter would be able to see if the player was autofill or not , but still i feel like this game have to start from something... , even such a banal system is at least something.

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