The Value of Neutral objectives in terms of Kills. Drake/Minions/Tower/Baron

During Coaching, i have noticed that CS is highly misunderstood, as to what its value is, so hence this Thread. we will discuss Gold Values of Neutrals - Minions - Drake - Baron - Tower, Why they are worth alot **Become Hungry for CS** Basically 30 cs is Roughly equal to 2 kills &lt;-- having a 20 cs is certainly 1 kill lead. 20 is equal to roughly 400 Gold, So everytime you miss 10 cs that equals 200 gold, that is almost a Kill lost, To understand how big of a problem that is, Lets say your first item you want to buy is a BF sword, Lets say you missed some easy 20 cs unforced error without pressure and naturally another 15 cs was lost because of trading etc and fights, Now at this point likely you wont be able to Afford to buy that BF sword As result it means a Longer Laning Phase, with Higher potential of getting killed. Faster you get your &#039;&#039;power spike&#039;&#039; items the better, but dropping 400 gold for no valid reason, which is roughly 1/3 of a BF sword isn&#039;t going to get you to your goal faster. Now in another example, lets say your farm is 40 cs at 10 minutes, and Some other guy has 70 cs at 10 minutes. he is ahead of you by Theoretically 2 Kills and we all know what a 2 kill lead means &lt;-- snowball So if you do manage to get a kill while behind in CS then your kills are just compensating for the Gold, you didn&#039;t gain from Farming.. Inshort your basically going even and not ahead. If he Consistantly Farms, he will eventually just beat you in gold, but you consistantly getting a kill is harder tho. Manage, Your time, use all the moments of the early game to Soak up as much gold as possible, be it kills or Farm.. Do not waste time doing nothing, because Gold &lt;-- Settles your carry potential. This issue has become even more Important now that we have Reached a Snowball Meta, where Champions revolve all about that Early Gold income, Be it in Kills or Gold, Any Lead quickly devolves into slaughter. **Few points to keep in mind** : 1 - If your minion waves are pushed, Either Roam or Farm the jungle. &lt;-- time lost not farming costs gold. 2 - Practice alot csing, on ryze/Soraka etc, any champion with poor animations or abilities to last hit and get really good scores. 3 - Compare your results, every 10 minutes or 5 minutes and make sure you are not using abilities or skills. 4 - don&#039;t underestimate the Tower Gold value. 5- Don&#039;t underestimate the Gold Value of Dragons/Baron and how it can build a lead. ................... **We will discuss Baron/Drake/Towers without going into details of their Buffs, JUST PURE GOLD** Baron is Worth a ACE, 1 kill for every member. that's 300x5 pure calculating based on gold not buffs. <-- its Buffs are worth alot more Gold Dragon is Commonly Taught to be Worth 2 Kills, its buff value is 975 gold to the entire team. Lets say you Kill 2 Champions and Then take Dragon.. Thats 4 kills That is how the Gold lead will start. Lets say you Kill 2 Players then Take baron.. That is 7 Kill value for your team as whole. 1 Turret = 150g x 5 = 750g That is significant Boost of income for your team along side CS and Kills. Keep in mind that Your whole team earns a Half a Kill, Lets say your Team takes 2 Towers, that's 1 Kill for your whole team... AKA a baron without BUFFS !! so this is why i tell people, Destroy 3 Towers before they do and your team will be sitting on a massive lead. 2250 Gold spread across the team After taking 3 outer Towers. Lets say your Team takes Drake + 3 Towers &lt;-- that is 2250 Gold + 950 Buff value **Conclusion** Now to benefit from all these Things Explained above, you need a Decent CS, because as you can see, Gold talks, yes Money talks and if you are Earning very Little then Getting that Penta gets harder. The Faster you earn that BF sword, the quicker, you can contest a Dragon etc etc and Do other stuff better. Good Farm + Objectives, Maybe a Kill here and there, and you are very much set for a Decent Mid game. So Get practicing and Don&#039;t drop those 10 Cs at early game for nothing ! every Minion counts ! Practice atleast 1 Custom game before starting the day ! Worship Minions and Respect them, They are worth Kills ! There was a very well written post on Na about this Topic, it explained it so well. Hope you Enjoyed and Cya at the Rift !
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