Zenon says Tresh is the best designed champ

I perfectly understand here that there's no hope for me and this game together q_q in the longest run. Tresh , in my mind, really represent what i hate in this game, i always thought he is the biggest mistake: EVERYONE plays tresh, which have 4 times the possibilities of every other support (not saying he is op), has everything, and does everything greatly (exept poke beacuase he is an all-in). Now so guys, someone can tell me why a champion who has been made 2 light-years above every other support in terms of micro and macro managing, peel and engage, roam and catching potential, damage and tankiness, plus the most irritating free save of this game, which adds frustation (aka free mistakes solver which involve 0 action) and can be used offensively and flashy too. Now i perfectly know that everyone here plays him (because of all that reason), i know it myself because i mainly play supports and i face him every day, and not saying he is op, but what think is that Tresh is the WORST designed champion of all time: with him started the over charged kits, which are always hard to balance, and he is something totally different compared to other supps. So Zenon pls, why you encourage this? The abyss between tresh and the other supports is terrible for me, i don't understand how this works fine in your heads guys. (Just adding my favorite designed champ here {{champion:115}} )
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