Funneling strats need to be adressed and nerfed

For those that don't know what funneling is: [Click here]( (video is old but still relevant) TL;DW: Support mid (normally Taric), Hypercarry/Endgamechamp jungle (Kassadin, Yi, Shyvana, Graves, Vayne, etc). Sometimes with doublesmite. The strat is absolutely uncounterable. I've seen it in Masters-D1 now about 15 times in 100 games and I cant anymore. They are always together and the hypercarry is always 1-2 levels ahead and has 100cs at 9mins. Its a strat to basically catapult the hypercarry to endgame where he thrives most. Check the video for more. The only thing you can do is push the lane to deny some cs and then HOPE that sidelanes can get you fed. The first thing that can be done against it is to restrict to one smite per team. The spellbookrune can get an exception. But what else is there to be done? All changes I could possibly think of would disbenefit others like DuoXP down, excessive farming -> less gold, etc. It really is frustrating to play against. I tried everything and just had a game where we had bottom inhib down at 15mins, but they have such a ridiculous comeback with the gold and leveladvantage Any ideas?
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