Thresh defenitly OP

Pls jus nerf him. Support Position is boring, thresh is always there to ruin your day. A hook is almost a secured kill against squshy supports and right now, you would have to play totally nonmeta supports that are compeltely useless but able to stand against Thresh. And besides his gih pickrate, it's not liek thresh has a low winrate, it's even overaverage! Thresh is pure cancer, please do something against this! Absolutely no fun to be forced to play Morg all the time just to end a game with the whole team losing while you'Re the only one who can decides over life and death by putting your CC shield on an ally all three years. Idk nerf his hook range or his damage output. Or increase his mana costs like Blitz' so he actually get'S PUNISHED for mistakes and can't spam hook without and punishment at all. Thanks. Support role is so boring these days.

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