League of Adcs

Ok so this is not a flame post or anything. Just wanna say that it's very boring to face several adc's every single game. There's always an adc on botlane. That is totally normal. What does disturb me is when in addition you get a jungling adc, a mid adc and a top adc (i even once had a {{champion:133}} support). I mean ADC's on all roles absolutely destroys the game. All DPS Ap champions have less damage than ADC's, and get crushed. Same for melee champs who get poked 24/7 by ranged adc's. Also there are too many people to focus now, it's not manageable. And all those ADC's splitpushing til the game ends sucks all the fun out of a normal game. I miss the time when you could go {{champion:238}} or {{champion:13}} mid without giving first blood every game.
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