Is Kindred too weak?

Hey, Summoners, in this discussion, I am going to talk about Kindred{{champion:203}} and my thoughts to this Champion. Before you ask, yes I play Kindred a lot and I think that Kindred needs some changes. Compared to the other Junglers, Kindred is just weak, they cant 1v1 and if the enemy invades Kindred then they become useless as hell. I think Kindreds kit itself is too weak, the enemy knows where you are, who you gank and how strong you are. So in some games, I have a very good KDA and some games very bad. Its all because of the team, Kindred is like Ivern, they are really depended on her laner to gank. She deals in the early game almost no damage and they cant protect themselves. I know right, Kindred scales out the late game but Kindred cant survive the early too. So do Kindred need a buff? or a rework? Once the enemy has the mark control, you can throw this game into the bin. I make good plays with Kindred but to be honest, she needs some changes. So my suggestion would be to buff their W, in early game it deals no damage so my thought would be that the max health damage should have an AD scalings too like 2% each 100 ad+ the marks to have a little early buff. The Wolf slows the camps but why not the enemy? Nasus slow can reduce the movement speed and the attack speed of the enemy, I think Kindreds W should slow the Attack speed of the enemy and the movement speed and the slowness should be increased by level and not by marks. 15%/ 20%/30%/40%/50% movement speed reduced and the Attackspeed reduction 30%/30%/35%/40%/45% attack speed removed. The Wolf W should have a support function, it already does, the harassment but I think the harassment is too weak so that's why the slowness. It also makes an advantages against duelist who have good synergy with Attack speed such as {{champion:24}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:56}} . And the Marks should give 1,5% instead of 1% max health damage. Their E is already fine. The base movement speed should be increased from 325 to 345 because it makes Kindreds early weak a lot. Kindreds Q, needs a little bit higher range to make it easier casting over walls, this is frustrating, while escaping, trying over the wall, it does not work because you have to hug the wall in order to pass through it. And the base damage to 85/100/120/140/160. I know, Kindreds Q scales better with AD since rework but Kindreds build does not contain a lot of AD. Dance of Arrows does not apply critical hits, which makes the spell in late game useless. And on their Ultimate, why can Kindreds W, be directed but not the ultimate? I think Kindred should be able to move her ultimate like her W in order to block the enemy getting healed from it. Marking system: I know this stacking system is a great idea but its hard, if the enemy has an Anti-Kindred team comp such as Riven top, Yi jungle, Blitzcrank sup, Caitlyn ADC and Syndra mid. Stacking is almost impossible against a team comp like that. So Kindred should have an advantage or deal bonus damage to the marked enemy, to make the stacking a little bit easier. Its also impossible if the enemy team has a control over Kindreds marks.
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