Two of the worst cases from the new ranked system ive seen

Hey guys, Been quite a while since i last posted here even though i used to be one of the OGs of this version of the boards. Im a former master tier player (season 7) and while i havnt grinded or tried to climb seriously since then i still hate what has been done to the ranked system. Most people already know how messed up it was early season and while changes have been made, i still think the fact that Riot wants to wait and allow people to drop down to the ranks they belong in by themselves is silly. It ruins the ranked queues integrity and makes achievements feel meaningless. Ranks dont have meaning when they are so easy to obtain. Previously a rank like platinum used to be hard to reach for the majority of the player base, it was top 10%. The picture ive linked here is a guy i found while i was just playing normally. I found it weird that he would be in my game as he seemed to be much worse than i would expect to be matched with. So i looked up his profile, and it turns out he is platinum with a 36% winrate. Now thats not the ridiculous part, if it was only a few games or he was higher ranked previously then that could explain it, but no. He was lvl 49 and probably jumped straight into ranked. He played 113 ranked games only winning 41 of them and it was his FIRST season ever. Getting to what was previously considered hard to obtain by a majority of the playerbase, by losing 2/3rds of your games consistently is ridiculous. Its been a while since ive been this dissapointed with a decision from Riot... :/ Also another example ive got is a friend i know. He finished high diamond last season, and got grandmaster 350 lp early on in the season... by going 35 wins and 35 losses... Imagine climbing 500 lp in just 70 games with a 50% winrate. Ridiculous...

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