I dont understand TFT

Why is this game mode so populair to me its like a kind of chess game. This mode has nothing to do with league of legends. I heard some rumours that Riot games paid streamers To play Teamfight tactics to overhype it so people will play it and spend money on it. I myself dont really play it Because i find it incredibly boring to play and i dont know why people play it. I cant imagine that so much people find it fun to play. Is Teamfight tactics a mode that will stay in league??? i read there is gonna be ranked for TFT. i cant believe why TFT is so Hyped and riot only focuses on TFT atm There are so many bugs in the game and those needs to be fixed. I dont find it fair that TFT will stay and u never hear for any other game mode again I miss Accesion and Dominion very much and i hope to see game modes return. it be fun to return these game modes. Every weekend a random game mode. Dominion Hexakill Accension Ultra Rapid Fire Showdown Legend of the poro king Bloodmoon Odyssey
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