Malzahar nerfs long overdue.

This guy has had one of the highest winrates for over a year. 11 months ago people said "no, he's balanced". No, he isn't. He has the highest winrate today. He does way too much damage and can be very far away to do it. If you do get near him, he can ult you to make sure you die. Also tanks aren't really any stronger vs him than squishies, in case you try to say he's meant to destroy squishies. Why is it that some champs (ie Gragas) get nerfed immediately to bottom winrate after going from bottom winrate to #30 while champs like Heimer and Malzahar have been left alone for months? I made a Heimer op thread some time back and everyone, even mains of Heimer agreed that he's too strong. They were saying "shhh don't get op heimer nerfed". Also I'm a Gragas main and I agree with the nerfs and have mained him for 1.5 years and still am maining him. Not trying to protect my own mains like some others that won't admit their mains are damn op.

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