Please: More scaling, less base damage.

Recently we've all seen the horrors of offtank Ekko, Fizz and Heimerdinger (other champions apply too but i despise those three the most) up to the point where at least one of them is banned every game. I'd love to see abilities to have a scaling stat ratio rather than scaling base damage, especially on champions that are supposed to deal a high amount of damage. As of now you can merrily pick your favourite assassin (let's say Fizz since i mentioned him earlier) top, rushing your sunfire cape (even if the opponent deals magic damage and has %hp scaling, who cares) and win the lane. If you happen to lose the lane, worry not, zzrot+sunfire cape will push your lane incredibly quickly, allowing you to destroy towers and/or roam. So yeah, just less base and more scaling. If you want to make the big numbers appear on your screen then you must be as tough as wet paper.
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