I'm here to complain a little. come and read if u want

So, I am mad at my teams. I play as solo player in Flex and choose fill as my role, I must be some masohist, but whatever. - I'm fed with flaming. And as much as it doesn't really hurt me I had few players in my team that flame each other until one decide to go troll or ragequit. WHY? Why do you flame so much? Oh, and about flaming, as a solo player I also get flamed by 4-man premades for EVERYTHING. ADC suck? It's my fault. Top is losing? Me. Team decide to 4man raptors, get cought and die? Me. - I have enough afks. And even better. The ones that Riot system doesn't recognise as adfk so we can't remake. These are games! - have enough adc that can't farm. Lastly I has Trist with 90cs in 40min. WTF - Miss Fortune wit Smite? Seen that. She goes and steal every camp from our jungler leaving me 1v2 on bot. - Enemy mid roams whole game yet still has more farm than my midlaner. How? He's here on bot for the 3rd or 4th time and his tower is full hp on mid. What is my midlaner doing then? - What do people need to finally go back to base? I see it all the time. They are 50-100hp, no summs, yet they still stay in lane and try to 1v1 almost full hp opponent. Bonus points if that's adc and I, as supp, am in base. He's trying to win 1v2 in early with 50hp? - I am staring to hate Lucian players. They seem to always flame everyone
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