The Game Is Just Not Fun Anymore...

Every day I speak to different players and 95% of people I speak to say the game is just not fun anymore. We all play either because we cant find any other games that will engage us as much as league, or because we feel like we have put in too much time to quit now or have had goals to become a certain rank and are working on it. League has become a grinding for lp RPG instead of an actual MOBA. Every game feels the same, you cant play top lane anymore unless you want to literally fall asleep on your keyboard, and we are forced to pick or ban certain champions for the past 10 patches. This game has become quite a joke and releasing new skins wont make us happy, neither will adding 0.25 seconds CD to zoe's Q at max rank. We need a major patch that changes the way top works and therefore will affect the game as a whole, and we need it now, not in mid-season. This is ridiculous and you will keep losing players if nothing is done. No one wants to play the game at its current state unless its in bronze/silver where everyone just plays random stuff so you can do the same, because anywhere above that you just pick whatever has been OP for the past 10 patches and auto-pilot through the game. This causes more "troll" picks because people are trying to have fun SOMEHOW, since the meta you create currently is the most boring the game has seen. I've never seen a company base their decisions on "Oh dont worry what are they gonna do? Are they gonna play d-d-d-do-dota??!! XDDDD". Seriously Riot. I have a 6 year old brother I would love to play with but now I'm not sure if I'll even play this game in 2 years so why even bother teaching him.
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