RIP League ... hello Overwatch

Before everyone just goes and down-votes it just read it and then down-vote the content. I urge you. Also, I am not endorsing Overwatch but just point out difference. Thanks in advance. A little background on me, I am a casual gamer who loves playing as a team for the team. I mostly play get to play 1-2 games per day due to profession pressures. So less of ranked games(already too meeting too many d***s at work). But I am very passionate abt gaming and specially League(playing for 5 years now). So my thoughts on the current League has started since start of Season 5. Why this post so late you ask? Well I was observing what Rito is doing in meantime to address the overall problem of Summoners in the game. Sure the problem faced by people differ from region-to-region, solo-to- bunch of harassing friends, matchmaking sh**Ho**, champs... well will get to this in moment. The point is last 1 and half years this are bunch of problems I have seen and faced some and what Rito has done for that. **1) EUW Server Instability: Issue not Addressed** - The EUW server keep going unstable once every 2 month which takes Rito to resolve 1-week or so of time. I am from India and ping on normal day is 130-140 which is pretty good. But on unstable days its 470-600. - When I write ticket to Riot... its a story of 4-5 mails back and forth for no reason , even after submitting all the logs and what not. Till now I have written 5-6 tickets on matter and there is no solution or even the reason from them provided. **2) MatchMaking and Dynamic Q: Issue not Addressed** - Lets be honest, season 6 is one of the worst period in League to be played. Worst of worst is the matchmaking system. Atleast match me someone who has played equal number of games with ((Normals+ ranked) && (wins+loss)) combined. Atleast they will have better understanding of what to do in fights or lane. - I have been matched with so many players who have barely played 200 normals but for lucky on ranked promos and are silver and play absolutely no team game. - Dynamic Q, at first I was very happy when this rolled out. I could climb with my friends. But then came the sudden realization. WTF is premade 5 : gold players matchmade against bronze?? how is this fair match making???? Hell...sometime I even got premade team against team of solo players(me in thjs). Fun is to watch the CHAT rather than play the game. The real fight happens there, not on map. **The name is tad right- Summoner's Rift** **3) Ritos Undying love for certain champs: ** - Rito really loves their certain champ so much that they will keep them viable[op] in any patch. - Zed for example. I am no zed main but i hell do see a lot of them. He got nerfed some 12 patch ago to point, players deemed him useless. Even though his base damage was ability ratio were still pretty good. - RiTo love #1: buff him up a little RiTo love #2: give an item specially for him while making it sound like others can use it... LoL [DuskBlase] RiTo love #3: Something related to Zed cant be cc while doing Ulti. I dont recollect exact thing though. So Ahri (charm which was good counter) couldnt be played RiTo love #4: QSS cant remove utli mark. Good luck escaping that while this aHole can shadow dash away without repercussion. - There are other few champs but I am sure no need to list them. - HOWEVER, rito delibrately or unintentionally have made so many champions useless that we only see them if they get little buffed and have some edge over current meta pick. **4) STOP Forcing META according to you: Guilty as charged** - Season 1 and 2 were epic games... no rules who goes where and this was real fun. - Leave it to players what champions they want to play where. By this I dont mean they are not doing it now. But read the next point. - Example _Alistar_: Rito bought him out as support in the game. But talented players found his worthiness in jungle as well. And he really did stick his horn well in enemy a**. And suddenly Rito realized the bull shall not pass... and they changed his passive and nerfed other ability to point he could not jungle anymore but keep in support, - And please Zed yasuo fizz(and few others) are no high risk high reward champions. They are "High reward and get out of there if in trouble" champions. Your assassin list is just BS _PS: URF is still the best this ever RIto has created. The reason, even the lag doesnt affect the outcome in case of most champ. Everyone is OP. This mode gave the least toxicity in chat bcoz it all on how quick button mashing is done. Unfortunately, this was at forst one time yearly event and now 2 days once in 2 month even._ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now coming to part of Overwatch, why I mentioned this and not other Moba like Dota and smite and if any other. **1) Timing is perfect: ** - While League still has highest players playing it(for now), the quality of people is no where to that standard. Infact this is most toxic game in terms of abuse on chat. - The game length to minimum of 20 mins for surrender is unnecessarily long coz of rito love for snowball champs with snowball items. Comebacks are non-existent in Season 6. - Overwatch has max game of 15 mins. But it is so fast paced and continuous action that you will not even know when the time completed. - So while the LoL community with veterans of 4-5 years are getting tired of same sh** again and again + the toxicity, Overwatch gives a new fresh look to fun, **2) Pay to play but its fun to play as well** - 40-60$ for PC and 60$ for PS/xbox, you did think why pay so much. - After calculating my LoL expenditure (for a game thats free-to-play) of about 300-320$ ...this is nothing. - And yes, free loot box with free skins. No shard shit and all. **3) Game centered around objectives** - LoL in game now provides more objective to capture than ever in Season 5 and before. But, who want to wait for that, Bronze and lucky silvers are filled with idiots who keep diving most fight. Strategy or Teamwork is mostly non-existent. Oh but chat fight is there every game. - Overwatch, you got to either capture/defend a point, escort vehicle/delay vehicle, sometimes both..... and you get to kill people while you at it. Oh and hero got abilities too. **4) Every hero is op ** - You might think support op ? this guy is insane. Believe me, Overwatch has rather stronger supports rather than damage dealers. you can keep you allys perpetually alive whole time unless you die first xD - While in League the dubious system of grading doesnt tell who played how well. Overwatch in the end lets people decide who played more better, hero with more kills or healer with epic level of heals **5) Lags? nope rather fluid experience** - I have not yet experience any lag with same internet which is giving me laggy experience on LoL. EDIT: Just so you know I selected "Allow ppl to send one request" which Rito mandatory needs to address Option- Specially to ppl purchasin RP .... this was just for sarcasm {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}

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