Ranked - 4 man premade and me :)

So its ok, i mean i hate premades in "solo" queue by principle since it removes the player skill element but whatever it is what it is... And then........ the 4 man premade Dcs :) every single one of them............ 1v5 time yaaay ! lost a bunch of towers and dragons while i perfected my Lux dancing ! Please play with friends in Normal and leave Ranked alone. Yes they did come back, and yes we won although it must be said the jungler was clearly not in the right elo but this sort of game is not an enjoyable one. Keep the current queue, but give us a fully solo queue that is totally separate, let the premades play and let the solos play everyone's happy. (Yes i understand that means you cant have a 4 man premade but hey lifes poo sometimes deal with it)
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