Level 6 and Level 7 masteries?

We can all agree that the way of getting higher masteries is fkn stupid, have nothing to do with skill and how much you play your champ, but only pure luck, or if you're willing to spend your money on the game (probably what Riot wants) So why not make something like? 10 tokens, and 50k+ score on the champ you want to get level 6 mastery.. and another 10 tokens + 100k+ score for level 7 mastery.. ^This really means you play this champion a lot, and also means you're probably good with him since you got S grade on it at least 10 times. THIS IS JUST MY IDEA.. anything else would be better.. Like buying champion shards with IP. Or buying the same champ all over again for the hextech crafting. IDK just remove this stupid blue essence thing its retarded.

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