Friendly neighbourhood advice [for reals]

And no, im not going to tell anyone to kill yourself, i havent played today yet. So, i used to main support furiously. I still do, but not when soloqueing. Believe it or not, i clawed my way to gold3 as soloQ support main. Never again. So, i started to try and main jungle, preferably fighters and tanky champs. Sejuani was my first love, after her came reworked furbag WW. As much as i love helping teams and tilting enemies, I have a single advice, you lovely spazzmonkeys :) **DONT PUSH THE DAMN LANE IF YOU CANT WIN A 2V2. ** No but seriously. Dont. Not only will the enemy jungler come to tickle your buttholes without your consent, but I - your friendly neighbourhood jungler - wont be able to come do the same to the enemy team. Believe it or not, im not going to thrust myself into the loving embrace of the enemy tower just so you can back off and decide not to follow 10%hp enemies, nor will i wait three minutes squatting in the bush waiting foryou to REALIZE i want to kill something. I'll go top. I'll go mid. I'll go look for the enemy jungler to buy him a dinner and spike his drinks. Now try this: freeze the lane. Unthinkable, i know. But hear me out. What that will do, is make the enemy push YOU instead, so that the enemy jungler cannot gank you, but it will also render the enemy team unable to initiate a 2v2 - giving you some cozy safety under the broad, manly shoulders of your own tower. Now, when you're at your own tower, this is what will happen: I, a caring jungler, a professional butthole tickler, will notice your distress and rush to your aid. Since the enemy is pushing you, I have room for operation. They propably already spent their wards on their side of the river or tribush, so i will gank. You will follow. We will kill them. We will ~~bathe in their blood and fornicate on their carcasses~~ get gold advantage and possibly take the first tower. So, please - dont push furiously. Freeze the lane, help your jungler help you. **TL;DR DONT PUSH THE DAMN BOTLANE**
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