My first impressions of Pyke

Hey guys, I have played a few games with Pyke on the PBE server and here are my personal thoughts on the champion. To be clear, I am not an expert, or claim to be one, this is just my opinion from the perspective of an average League of Legends player. Therefore I might be wrong or certain points, or hypothesis that I make. -First and foremost, I found the champion really fun to play, I think most people are going to enjoy playing him, because of his particular playstyle and his abilities/mechanics that feels satisfying to use (example, when you pass through 3 people with your E and stun all of them, it is really cool to watch and do ofc, also his E is a flash ability, and thats make it even more interesting, as you can look for outplays) -His E can go through walls, so its also a nice ability to use for an escape. -I dont think that his laning phase is going to be good. Pyke is as squishy as Sona, and the difference is that you are not staying behind, poking but you actually go in, and even with the passive he can still get killed really easily if you missplay especially against champs like Leona with a lot of CC, or champs that pokes a lot like zyra. Also his Q (grab) is really difficult to land in laning phase, because its not like blitz Q for instance where it is instant, you need to charge it for a while, so if enemies are decent they would just have the time to reposition behind minion or even dodge, because the hitbox is not very large i would say its a bit larger than Jinx W. So you would have to always predict the enemy movement, whereas with blitz sometimes if they are miss positioned you just Q them. So imo it will be better to engage with E, and then stun them, and prepare your Q while they are stun so you can grab them once they try to flee. Also you have to make a choice between stabbing with Q or grabing, the cooldown being a bit high early, you wont have the time to use both in an early team fight or on a gank, so decision making on that point will be important. His mana cost are also a little high, I found my self oom many time after using 3 Q's - I think his main role are going to be Support and jungle. I dont think he will be good on a solo lane, because he doesnt have any wave clear except from his E, that doesnt do much to minions, and also if you use it to wave clear, you wont have an escape option or an engage for at least 10 seconds. That will probably discourage most players to go on a solo lane, especially Mid where you can get against range champions that wave clear with two Q (hey Taliyah). I havent tried him jungle yet, but I am assuming his jungle clear is not optimal as well, but im sure it will work because his ganking potential is insane. Even when played support, it will be easy to roam a lot with Pyke or join teamfights in the river if your jungler get caught, thanks to his W, you will be really quick. -The champion is not easy to play, he requires some mechanics, I wouldnt say he is hard either, but a good Pyke will really know how tu use him at this full potential. -The ultimate is a bit broken imo, first the reset on Kills, but also the gold sharing. So it means with Pyke on your team 1 kill =2 kill, since the last person who got the assist is getting the gold for the kill as well. I am not sure how this will work or will be fixed/balanced but it sounds really scary. Especially for botlane, where it is already most of the game better bot wins, if know a Pyke lane snowball they get double the gold. We will have to see how Riot balance this, because I hope it wont go on live server like it is currently. These are my thoughts for now, I will play some more games on PBE, try different roles and maybe have an update. Please feel free to share your opinion if you already played him on PBE as well, or even if you didnt play him yet. What are your first impressions ? Peace
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