Aatrox revert plz

"DontRemakeAatrox" forced to say goodbye...
The Rank 1 Aatrox player in Korea is forced to say goodbye to his champion as he will be reworked in patch 8.13. Even though he changed his summoner name to dontremake aatrox League of Legends (LOL) Season 8 Patch 8.12. The end of Aatrox before the new reworked Aatrox comes out a.k.a Riven 2.0.
Aatrox was recently reworked to this current monstosity. Unlike what people think, he's not like a riven. A riven has combos which let her stop an enemy from reacting and aatrox has none of that. He's just a shittier Kled, without the awesome character. His voice lines suck, his voice is annoying to hear, his normal walk animation is boring(and cringy if you make him go fast with it), he's much too clunky (especially for making combos), his GA which is his only appealing aspect runs out, his q is even harder to hit, his early game is cancer but he falls off harder than panth, which makes him either cancer for the enemy or cancer for you. He's just not fun, to play with, as, or against. But it gets worse when you look at what riot took away from us. Old Aatrox was actually good! He had a fun, interactive, and skill expressive kit that worked a lot on your champion knowledge. He had cool voice lines, and a distictive look with his banner wings and his wet noodle sword. His early game was bad but not cancerously so. His late game was good but he could be dealt with. He had made it to the pro scene and there was even a rank 1 Aatrox main in Korea(link is above). My point is that Aatrox was reworked for completely no reason. He was just reworked because an Aatrox from a year ago was bad. The quick fixes almost completely balanced him. So please riot. Just revert Aatrox. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ibsBQcFCXP8 (a link to another guy talking about pros and cons of new and old Aatrox)
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