Stop crying about urf lol

like it's the first time where people pick the strongest picks for a specific mode ???? in poro king people spammed ziggs jayce soraka nida janna blitz thresh every game why no one cried about that ? ascension , kha zix zac and rengar every game ?? even in normal game mode , people pick the strongest picks remember old kassa ? zed few patches ago ? yasuo during warlords being so op ? ekko last patch ? and now you are like '' omagawd urf iz shit cuz everi gaem {{champion:28}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:53}} '' if you didnt like it then just don't play it we don't need you crying on the boards , riot has nothing to do with that it's the community's fault even in real life people buy the best things
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