Let the Salt rain on us all! A.K.A. I've met Tank Ekko... AGAIN!!!

I have a question to any Rioters who are actually reads this post by any means. Did you play tested Ekko's healing in the Assassin Overhaul? I just got dumped by a fairly standard tank build. Here it is. {{item:3027}} {{item:3065}} ---{{item:3025}} {{item:3152}} This 4 item makes Ekko right now a healing machine. He healed nearly 19k (18,753) and he can heal only himself. I was Taric and I repeatedly healed 2-3 person and I barely healed more then 12.5k (12,583). My questions are simple. Why are you still fiddling around with super scaling healing? That is why tank Ekko works. Why he heals more when he is damaged down? He already have a strong preposition ability. He supposed be an Assassin. I can offer you 2 formulas to calculate healing on this well designed but some what poorly executed Ultimate. 1) ([Base Healing]+[x% AP])*(y*[missing health %]) Use a base healing that is added to a % of Ability Power then multiply it with a number that is multiplied by the missing health's % value. 2) FLAT HEALING! IT IS THAT DEAD SIMPLE. IF YOU WANT TO DEAL WITH SUPER SCALING TAKE IT AWAY AND FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET. Roast me if you want or explain it with mathematics. I can't understand why Any of the Champions must go rampaging around with tank builds all the time.
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