This game is not what it used to be(QQ, or is it?)

Once upon a time people played League of Legends with a great ranked system. But one day everything changed for the little people in front of their computers when Riot changed how ranked works. Now the little people will most of the times face a group of 5 premades which are all connected and talking to each other over Skype or some other program and make them lose hard. So if the people want to win they must pick overpowered champs that bring all the cancer of this world and destroy the premades for the victory. Will they make it? Okay for real I'm sick of it. Like premades here premades there. You know Riot not everyone has friends (none of mine play or want to play League{{champion:32}} ). If the current ranked system doesn't change (**also don't forget the champion balance**) I will most likely leave this game despite how many time and money I spent. This is not fun anymore. Want some normals? Have **fun** versus plats and diamonds (yeah I'm just silver and in every normal game there has to be at least one plat and one dia versus me). Want ranked? Have **fun** vs. all premades reking you and spamming 'ez' in all chat. I guess this is a QQ post but I'm really annoyed.
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