Kai'sa, underwhelming voice acting?

Kai'Sa Special Interactions
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Hi, intro i have been a long time league of legends player(started back in season 2) giving me the opportunity to see riot games develope league into the great game that it is today. I applaud our overlords, rito games, for their amazing effort in trying to constantly improve and create content better than the last, if it be lore or champions. Riot has hit several mile stone that have set the bar high for them, expectation wise, in what they release. such milestones would be champions like Jhin, with a developed, fully fleshed backstory, making him intruiging, aswell as his gameplay and design making him incredibly enjoyable to play. With the teasing of Kai'sa, i was already in love with her thematically. her design was original and captivating, aswell as her abilities being very flashy and outplay oriented. I was just about ready to get down on one knee and pledge my self to her, swearing to remain a Kai'sa main until Rito nerfs her to the ground two patches later. but then... her interactions got released. I expect a lot from Rito, knowing that they have made amazing champions before that are amazing in all aspects of a champion. But i was incredibly underwhelmed by Kai'sas voice acting. me, being the neck bearded gentleman that i am, tried to reason with myself why Kai'sas voice acting was so boring (in my opinion). i tried to think that Riot was taking her in the "dead inside" route, where shes kassadins daughter, lost in the void and all that. But still, the voice acting was not satisfying in that context. then i though "oh she might just be cold like a hunter" but still i was not satisfied. Question: SO, my question to the toxic, but dedicated community of League of Legends is Am i the only one thinking that Kai'sas voice acting is terrible, or at the very least doesnt fit her look? I would love to read what others think. and if you agree, what emotions should she convey?
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