Why league sucks now.

Every new champion is just %%%%%%edly broken. Kai'sa never mind all her dashy washy nonsense, can get on your face and assassinate you in under a second (too much damage). Zoe, safe lane %%%%%%ed poke her q does (too much damage). Evelyn - The most cancerous state she's ever been in and changes how you play league entirely may aswell toss my wards out the window. Ornn - Beats most bruisers by smashing face on the keyboard. Kayn - Ignores walls (i'm sorry?) does (too much damage) for how much mobility he has access to. Rework Rengar - (too much damage). Rework Katarina - (too much damage). Rework Swain - (too much damage). Camille - (too much damage). Xin Zhao - Ignore entire ultimates from range. Master yi - Q 2 autos (too much damage). Rework Talon - Oneshot at level 2 with ignite (too much damage). There's no time for duking or skill in league any more just one shot everyone with whatever dumb jump on your face %%%%%% damage champ is currently overpowered, league of dash and spending months on a single champion just results in each new champion breaking the game in ever more stupid ways. Every champion is strong when fed doe, yea but not every champion can get to you and one shot you without you being able to react with any available item or ability in any way.
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