How come you do this to players who love this game and even if they don't love it they have wasted time and effort in it. HOW COME you do this shit to Xin Zhao, sorry to call it shit but it's just SHIT... I am main Xin Zhao, too many who doesn't know how to play with him called it a useless champion and sometimes a forgotten champ cause they simply don't know how to use his combo and which items work perfectly with him. Yeah it's not a joke they don't know but I do, not only me but a real main xin knows it too, even when xin was played in lcs matches they didn't know how to play with him, I watched them all, I saw a video from riot in which someone was talking about a rework for xin to make him better, I WANT TO speak with this man, PLEASE give me the chance to talk with him or at least send a message to him because simply this man destroyed a worth of two years work and effort in here. I made 1.3 mill masteries with xin. in each ranked game i get S and when i play in a 1vs1 with xin I always win, no matter how a better player or higher ranks i played against i just always win, I have all the replays saved as a proof. I played vs diamonds vs masters and 3 times vs challengers with xin and i won, cause they all same like you thought that this champ was useless and didn't even thought that they might lose in a fight against xin and i proved them all wrong. Yes xin was broken but only for those who knew how to play him so it was also a pro thing to do. What hurt my feelings is that instead of saying that you reworked the champion to nerf him this man in the video i was talking about said it was to make xin a better champ, that's what really hurts my feelings, i would have understood if he said that xin was broken so we had to rework and nerf him but saying the otherwise is not acceptable, Make him speak with me and i will not JUST tell him how or why I WILL SHOW him, i will prove it to him. I am not very young or a kid i am 27 years old civil engineer with a master's degree and I have applied to riot to work within this community before but i no longer want it or lets say i am not any more interested in joining this careless community, careless about the players and there thoughts, all that i care about now is my game and for the truth to be told which is that this was a deep nerf to xin not a buffing rework and if you think otherwise i will give you a very little proof: if you play with xin jg at the very beginning of the game you will start by killing the blue Sentinel, two mark wolves, greater mark wolve and gromp by just maxing your w and without using the smite you will be FULL HP after you are finished, now after this rework you will need to start by maxing your e cause your w or q will get you just executed however the funny thing is that when you kill all the previous monsters i said and by using your smite and by also using two potions and using e+q or e+w u will end up with only 20% of your own hp, CAN you see the BIG Difference and if you can't go try it to see for yourself. This is pretty much a nerf to xin his passive dmg/healing is not even worth losing the crit also his W is never used because it makes you stand in place and it is not even worth using over all i am pretty disappointed with this mini rework and sadly i am going to have to put this champ down. This is not just a nerf to Xin I consider this an insult to the champion and to those who wasted all there time playing with him. Since Xin Zhao came out he was nerfed two times and now a THIRD time! This is a BIG INSULT...
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